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InFashion has been operating since June 2005 focusing on providing fashion related services. InFashion groups together the most talented local models, photographers, make up artists, stylists and designers showcasing their portfolio of talent to all it's visitors ranging from existing local and foreign clients, the occassional itnernational potential client as well as the general media and public.

InFashion has reinvented itself a number of times in order to best suit the market as well as the potential of the talents themselves. This re-invention and modification to the services that InFashion provides has always helped in improving the name as well as the image of InFashion.

InFashion is now focusing on providing the various talents with the means to showcase their portfolio to all of our visitiors and clients world-wide within such a prestigious web presence. This structure avoids the hassle of exclusive contracts, commission and handling of payments by allowing the talent to work directly with the various clients.

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