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> managing your own bookings

Following are some tips and hints when managing your own bookings. It is quite an easy task to manage however you need to be aware of the do's and dont's within this business. You don't have to abide by all of these tips however it is sound advice from people who have been managing bookings for quite a long time.

1) Prior to confirming a booking always ask of what is expected out of you throughout the job IN WRITING!! This way you won't have any surprises later!
2) Always check up on the person / company who is requesting you for a job. You need to make sure that the source is trustworthy. This can easily be done by conducting some research on internet.
3) We always recommend not to accept jobs for FREE or for VOUCHERS! It's usually not worth it.
4) The price that you charge for a job depends on what makes it worth it for you personally. However the minimum rate is approximately €25.00 / hour.
5) Always agree about the total price for the job AS WELL AS the total amount of hours required prior to the job.
6) Try and avoid signing any contracts with particular clients. If you really have to make sure you read them properly, and if they are binding you should charge more in order to make up for it.
7) If a job is more than € 200.00, you should ask for a 40% deposit to be settled prior to the job.
8) Some clients might ask you to present them with a receipt. You can either get a VAT book from the VAT department at no cost whatsoever or else raise a paper record of the job and present it to the client as a reference.
9) You might receive requests for jobs from other companies and other sites. We strongly recommend that you ask all of these bookings to confirm the job by posting it to your INFASHION profile using the BOOK DIRECTLY button. Reason being is that this can act as a legal record should you need to chase payment with the respective booker!
10) Always make sure that your profile is up-to-date. Your pictures have to reflect your true person at the moment. Your measurements are also crucial, they need to be exact.
11) You need to ensure that you keep your email account working. The BOOK DIRECTLY functionality depends on you being accessible via email so make sure you let us know if you change it!
12) If you are under 18 years of age, then we strongly recommend that you place the email address of your parent or guardian.

Contact us if you have an queries that we can assist you with.